Vestland Offshore is expanding operational and in need of European maritime personnel covering the following positions with the necessary competence and skills for our fleet with Seismic, PSV & W2W vessels.

  • Masters
  • Deck officers
  • Chief Engineers
  • Engineers
  • Motormen
  • Ship electricians
  • Ship mechanics / Fitters
  • Cooks
  • Catering crew
  • AB/Crane/Gangway Operator
  • Able Seamen
  • Ordinary Seamen

Deck Officers, Engine Officers and Ship Electrician’s need competence for operating DPII vessels.


If you are interested, please compose a CV (in English), giving your personal details, competence, training, practical experience, and a general brief of your interests and hobbies.

The CV’s to be submitted to following email address:

The CV will be stored safely on our secure file storage, and the e-mail will be deleted. The CV will be automatically deleted from our storage after three months.