Revision / Last Revision date: 01/31.03.2017

The development of Vestland Offshore AS and its subsidiaries (hereafter named the Company) is based on the foundation of its values and ethics.

The Company commits to its clients, its shareholders, its employees and its partners to comply with laws and regulations and to respect and follow Ethic principles.


  • We contribute individually and collectively to the continued improvement of health, safety and security of our working environment.
  • We respect environmental standards and strive to minimize negative environmental impact caused by our activity.
  • We protect the Company assets and we fulfil our obligations concerning confidentiality.
  • We avoid conflicts of interests in our relationship with our clients, suppliers, and partners. We keep our commitments to them and we base our relationship on fair business practices.
  • We comply with the rules controlling insider trading.
  • Our compulsory anti-bribery culture means that we do not receive or give gifts or invitations which do not conform to good business ethics and we reject any form of corruption.
  • We are attentive to human relations within our working places and we do not accept discrimination and harassment.
  • We produce financial statements that reflect the company`s situation fairly, and we communicate in a reliable, open and transparent way.

Per Vidar Hille, CEO