We believe that people are the key to safe and sound operations and we shall always train our employees to perform the best possible job based on the following key principles:

  • HSEQ shall be included in everything we do and we will always strive to be the best in class
  • The ISM code is the bare minimum; we shall always be better than minimum
  • To ensure we provide safe practices we shall identify and mitigate all risks related to the vessel, people, and environment:
  • All non-routine work not covered by procedures or work instructions shall be subject to risk assessment
  • Reports, routine inspections, and audits shall be followed up carefully
  • We want to be a leader in environment management
  • Each vessel shall be managed as far as possible by onboard-management, with support and guidance from the shore organization
  • Experiences on board one vessel that can be of value for others shall be shared throughout the organization and fleet to ensure continuous improvement

Risk based maintenance is a cornerstone in our operating philosophy:

  • Spares inventory and maintenance intervals shall be based on identified risk.
  • All vessels shall have a machinery planned maintenance system survey arrangement or machinery condition monitoring survey.
  • As much maintenance and overhauls as possible shall be carried out at sea and we encourage maintenance work without use of subcontractors if and when it does not jeopardize timing or quality
  • All equipment and systems shall be kept in good working condition and be repaired as soon as possible
  • We focus on cross-departmental planning of major work, pit-stops and yard stays


In general recruit at lower levels and promote within the crew pool
Everyone working for Vestland Management shall have equal opportunities regardless of nationality and gender. Promotions and employment should always be based on qualifications, attitude and merit.
Vestland Management will provide necessary training to ensure each individual has required competence to carry out their job.

HSEQ Objectives and Targets